What A Woman’s Sleeping Position Reveals About Her

I am sure you never knew that your sleeping position says a lot about you.

Here are five sleeping positions:

1.The Freefall Sleeping Position

If you sleep on your belly with your hands placed under your pillow it is called the Freefall sleeping position and what it means is that you are a social person that is open, warm and have a hospitable personality.

2.The Hugger Sleeping Position

If you hug your pillow while you sleep it means you are a very trusting person and you can be a bit too open and trusting at times.

3.The Board Posture

When you sleep as if you are a wooden board, it signifies that you are a reserved and quiet person. You may also be opinionated and have a high perception of yourself.

4.The Back Snorer Position

Are you a snorer? If you are you are likely to any your spouse and give them sleepless nights. If you snore there is a likelihood that you don’t get much sleep.

5.The Side Log Position

This sleeping posture means that you are an easy going individual and you can be very trusting as well.

There you have it! Now you know what these two sleeping position say about your character.  So sleep well and live up to your potential.

Source: www.healthylivingstyle.net

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