Twin Sisters Reveal The Secret To Long Life On Their 100th Birthday

Friends and family gathered around for a traditional Sunday roast in order to celebrate the 100th birthday to the twins known under the name Rene and Phil.

the celebration is with their friends and family for the 100 birthday together.

The pair Irene and Phyllis are very close and have their birthday together, also they celebrated together their 90th and 99th birthday.

They went to a same school and share their first job. No matter that they look incredibly the same, they are not identical twins, but are very close.

This pair also share the same first as their middle name.

They are born on November 20 1916 and Irene being the younger of the two.

They are in a good shape, but Irene can’t walk very far know, but the other one is waking the block every day.

Phyllis developed vascular dementia, and her son and his wife are visiting her every day.

The only thing they wanted as a birthday gift was the donations to the air ambulance.

“We didn’t want presents, we just wanted donations. We haven’t got all the money in yet but we think we’ve done pretty well, it’s a cause close to our heart.”

“Hard work and good food is our secret, that’s all I can put it down to.’’

Their sister died at the age of 92 in 2006. Both of the husbands died in their 90s. No matter that Irene never had children, the son of the other is visiting them every day.



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