Say Goodbye to Hair Loss – Restore the Health of Your Hair With This Remedy

Every woman’s dream is to have a soft and long hair. However, hair loss and the chemicals that we use to buy from the market are of no help.

Miracles can happen though! There is a remedy through which you can stimulate your hair growth in a way you never though it would be possible!


In an Oriental cooking pan, pour 1 cup of each mustard and coconut oil, up to 20 curry leaves, 15 cloves, 15 dried amla, 5 almonds and 5 garlic cloves.

Let the composition reach the boiling point, then add ½ cup of henna powder and stir well. Allow the mixture boil on low flame for about 15 minutes and let it cool down a bit. Eventually, strain the oil and conserve it in a glass bottle.


Use the resulting oil to massage your hair and scalp three times per week and you will soon notice the difference. Make sure you spread the composition from root to the ends of your hair and massage gently every time.

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