Here Is Why You Should Rub Garlic On Your Nails

Besides the fact that great can easily treat cold and flu thanks to its numerous health benefits and antibacterial properties, garlic is also amazing for treating a variety of other diseases and health conditions.

In this article we will mainly focus on dealing with cracked and flaking/peeling of the nails.

Lack of selenium is the main cause of slow nail growth and cracking and flaking/peeling of the nails. Since garlic possesses an abundance of selenium, it is great for nail strengthening and fast nail growth. All you have to do in order to achieve this is run some garlic onto your nails.

Also, garlic is great fighter against bacteria and fungus, so, your nails will be shinier, healthier and stronger than ever before.

Peel and cut one clove of garlic and then rub it against your previously cleaned nails. The more juice you apply the better results.

In addition we will present a video. Watch the video and learn how to prepare this garlic serum for nails.

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