Remove Pesticides of Veggies and Fruits with This Simple Method

Having fruit and veggies with pesticides is harmful, but such foods must be consumed for the health, of course toxin free.

So, you must know which food is organic to buy it properly. Lots of us have no idea which food is which and we buy bad food. Department of Agriculture USA said that 65% of foods tested had pesticides.

The Environmental Working Group is an organization that gives us good information about chemicals in food and cosmetics. This is why yearly this list gets bigger and bigger and this is all for the customers. This year, the worst items are celery, apples, peaches, tomatoes, snap peas, potatoes, berries, strawberries, bell peppers and cucumbers. Also a hot pepper, collard greens and kale.

Getting organic only

Getting such food is not cheap but it is worth it sometimes. Organic food is great but to save money you can wash and clean the produce every time before you eat, for this use white vinegar.

Experts say that this vinegar is perfect in this case. Market cleaners and spray bottles are a good storage option. Make a mix of 3 parts vinegar and 3 water and put this in a spray bottle to spray the fresh produce.

Then a comb for rubbing before the wash is used and this is good too.

Some studies have shown that these chemicals cause many diseases and usually it is cancer. So to prevent from this issue, limit the toxin intake.

Organic is really expensive so to save the money you must use the vinegar. Vinegar is cheap and will keep food much cleaner.


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