Reasons why you should not flush the toilet after peeing! (many do not know this…)

Flushing the toilet has somehow became a habit as we all use to do it every time we use the toilet. We all think that it is a necessity, but few of us know that this common action can do more harm than good.

Why? The answer is very simple. Every time you flush the toilet, there are water drops that reach the exterior of the toilet, spreading bacteria all over the bathroom.

Without a proper cleansing of the bathroom your hygiene could be seriously damaged, without you noticing it.

We recommend you several ways through which you can keep your health and your bathroom always fresh:

  • Before flushing the toilet, lower the lid in order to prevent germs from spreading into the bathroom;
  • Clean the toilet often in order to remove bacteria;
  • Place the toothbrush away from the toilet and put it always in a recipient
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