Make Detox Foot Pads at Home and Remove All the Dangerous Toxins from Your Body

Unhealthy lifestyle and insufficient physical activity affect your circulation. There’s no need to panic, because our detox pads will help you boost the flow of lymph and blood.

Place the detox pads on the soles of your feet before you go to bed. These pads will draw out the toxins from your body. Japanese experts were the first to use these pads.

The detox pads work almost instantly. You can even see the toxins on the pad. Use this pads to relieve joint pain, headaches, and fatigue.

You can find such pads in the pharmacies, but it’s always better to make your own detox pads.

Let’s go through the items you need:

  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Self-stick gauze pads
  • Water
  • Socks


Chop your onion and garlic. Cook them in boiling water for 10 minutes.

Cool the liquid, and once it’s cool enough, pour some of it in the center of the self-stick gauzes. Squeeze out any excess liquid.

Stick the gauze on your soles, and focus on the central part. Put your socks on, just to secure the pads on your feet.

You will see the results of this treatment right after you wake up.


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