Detox your colon using a natural home remedy

Home remedies can be a very strong ally when it comes to health issues. In this sense, it can also help you keep your colon healthy and stimulate it to function properly.

Here are some natural remedies that you can choose if you have colon problems.


Enema is an intervention through which a certain fluid is injected in your colon in order to stimulate the toxin elimination process. As long as it is used with care, the results will be positive. If you use it in excess, it can have a dangerous effect.


Colonoscopy or colon irrigation is another procedure that restores your colon its strength and cleans it of harmful toxins. The intervention is quite unpleasant as a tube is introduced in your rectum. Through it, water is introduced in your colon in order to eliminate toxins. Afterwards, an abdominal massage is performed.
In addition, if you follow the specialist’s advice – eat healthy and consume colon supplements – you should have at least a bowel movement every day, sign that the toxins are being eliminated.

Castor oil packs

You can prepare this remedy by yourself. You only need castor oil and a cloth. Pour several drops of castor oil on the cloth until it gets dunked. Place the pack on the abdomen and cover your waist with a plastic wrap and a towel. Fill a bottle with warm water then place it on the abdomen over the towel. Let the bottle rest for about half an hour until the water becomes cold. At this point, remove all the layers and rinse the remedy with water.

Visit a doctor

There are certain doctors that focus on natural treatments. Consult one in order to be told how to naturally detox your body and colon alike. Alternatively, he can suggest you to consume a colonic, which will help you eliminate the toxins.

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