Breaking: Scientists Have Just Told Women To Stop Wearing Bra Immediately. Must See The Reasons

Do you honor the National No Bra Day? After reading this article, you will sure honor it. Every day.

Now scientists come with a serious warning for all women out there in order to raise the awareness of breast cancer.

Women wear a bra to keep their breasts up there tight. But, scientists claim that wearing a bra can harm your posture to an almost irreversible extent, and cause severe health problems.

Jean Dennis Rouillion, a professor and science researcher at the University of France-Comte, came out with terrible results after his 15-year research was done. The research involved 330 women, and it had the main purpose to reveal whether bras harm health.

The participants were aged between 18 and 35, and they all had been wearing a bra since forever. The research showed terrifying results.

As Rouillion said, bras don’t prevent sagging, and definitely don’t relieve back pain or support the chest. The research showed that wearing a bra can actually make boobs saggy.

Women who stopped wearing a bra had their nipples 7 millimeters lifted up by the end of the research.

Rouillion said that bras affect blood circulation, and women who didn’t wear a bra experienced a collagen boost and greater elasticity.

So, stop wearing a bra to protect your health, and improve the way your “friends” look.

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