The Bike Washing Machine Encourages You to Conserve Energy And Get Fit

Raise your hand if you hate doing the dishes! We all do, and the same applies to the dirty laundry. Well, you can’t always expect that someone else will do the job for you.

Take your time to thank a group of Chinese students who have invented a solution to all your problems! Their latest invention will help you exercise and do the laundry at the same time!

These students have designed a machine that works on a multitasking principle – you ride the bike and do your laundry at the same time, plus it doesn’t spend much water. BiWa, or The Bike Washing Machine looks like a static bike, and it has the same door, drum and dispenser of regular washing machines.

The only difference is that it uses human power. Could you ever imagine that you can clean your clothes just by working on the pedals of your static bike?

The machine also has a small display that shows how long you should rotate the pedals to complete washing your clothes.

One of the best things about The Bike Washing Machine is that you can store the energy and use it later.

The machine isn’t available on the market yet, but many people are interested in buying it. As some say, it’s an excellent way to use your energy, finish your daily tasks, and exercise at the same time! This machine will save your time, energy and money.

So, by doing your household activities you will become more fit and toned. Say ‘goodbye’ to dirty clothes!

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