17 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Entire Life

In this article we are going to count you all of the thing which you have been doing wrong your entire life. You will be very disappointed, but also in addition we are going to present you all of the mistakes so you will see the proper way of its doing.

1. How to wear a bobby pin: the wavy part need to be inwards so they have longer portion of your hair at once.

2. How to cut a watermelon: you need to cross it wise in order to keep the juice.

3. How to eat a cupcake: you need to eat it like a sandwich.

4. How to old a glass of wine: You use pinch stem of the glass between the first finger and the thumb.

5. How to insert earphones: in addition you will see in the video.

6. How to hold a pen

7. How to cross words: you will superimpose them with other words



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