10 Early Warning Sings Of Cancer Most People Ignore

Cancer is the disease which concerns a lot of people, it comes from nowhere and it is diagnosed often too late, s the people can’t get away with it.

Signs and symptoms can be very easy to miss, so you need to see the answers of your body, and how it reacts.

In addition we are going to present you the most common symptoms which characterize cancer.

1. A lump beneath the skin

Lumps in breast tissue are very discovered by those who are going on the regular exams.

You need to know that the regular exams are important part of staying healthy.

2. Itchy skin

This is something which is common sign of cancer. This increases the blood from in the area of cancerous growth, so you will feel warm, appear red color.

  1. Wounds that don’t heal

In case you notice something like injury or cut which can’t heal for a long time, you need to visit your doctor and exam yourself.

Wound is not important as the time that your body needs to heal.

  1. Bumps on the mouth or tongue

In case you have bumps especially in white color, need to check yourself.

  1. Trouble swallowing or loss of appetite

If your digestive process is disrupted, you have trouble swallowing, or you suffer from indigestion or experience a loss of appetite, these issues should be checked out by a doctor, as they will affect the body’s ability to get nutrients from the food that you eat.

  1. Changes in bowel movements

In case you have some bowel movements and they last more than 2 days, it may be a cancer sign. Also a bloody stool may be a sign of colon cancer.

  1. Changes in urination

Bladder function should be fairly regular when you are healthy. Changes in the strength of urine flow, color, smell, presence of foam or blood should be checked out immediately.

  1. Bleeding

This is something that in case comes for no reason need to be checked.

  1. Changes in voice


Cancer of the larynx can cause the pitch and tone of your voice to change. If you notice your voice changing or someone else mentions it, make an appointment with a health care professional.

  1. Constant coughing

Lungs cancer and esophagus can cause constant coughing. In case you caught all the time and that is painful and also cough blood you need to visit your doctor.

Source: power of positivity

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